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We want to contribute to smarter healthcare

That's our vision

Leading in the Nordic region with innovative care services

To succeed within innovation and the Life Science industry, understanding and knowledge regarding the industry is key
Genuine experience and a wide contact network
Adxto is a company with genuine understanding of different operations within Life Science. Large parts of our management began developing services for the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacies and healthcare during the 90's. We have a wide contact network and good knowledge about everything from research, sales, market and implementation along with follow ups on medical treatments. Our employees have a wide background within healthcare, pharmacies and the pharmaceutical industry.

Adxto AB och Adxto Care AB (healthcare company) was founded 2007 when Tomas Guinchard along with coworkers sold Kinchard Consulting that was first in the Nordic region to offer consultants within sales and marketing toward the pharmaceutical industry. Our long experience and profound knowledge within the Life Science industry gives us a good understanding of what really works, along with the importance of following rules and regulations, both ethical and legal. With the right knowledge there is a lot to offer the private sector where everyone can benefit.

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Healthcare support Company

Adxto Care is an independent care support company that serves as a complement to regular healthcare. Via consultancy assignments, we investigate challenges in healthcare along with proposing, and implementing solutions using project nurses.


The Adxto mission is to strive for inner and outer health because we are convinced that an individual's optimal health provides increased social benefits for everyone.

Operations in several countries
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Norway
  • Singapore
  • The Philippines