Adxto PSP™

Adxto PSP (Patient Support Program)

The Adxto PSP™ platform

Each PSP is different, depending on the patient’s or group’s needs. The customer (a hospital clinic, pharmaceutical company, patient organization or pharmacy) is responsible for the content, which may consist of any number of activities within a predefined interval.

  • Text messages, e.g. reminders.
  • Emails, e.g. with links to, the patient association’s website, patient diaries available for downloads, etc.
  • Patient questionnaires.
  • Nurse support: A nurse who is trained in the therapy area as well as the product and who has received AE and PV training, makes several phone calls to the patient to provide advice and guidance on the practicalities of the use of the drug, and conducts motivational talks.
  • Phone calls with a pharmacist to discuss and evaluate the overall medication use.
  • Secure handling of patient data.
  • The option to obtain statistics at a group level in order to evaluate real life medication outcome after market authorization.
The Adxto PSP software is developed by Adxto Solutions AB and the nurse calls are provided by Adxto Care AB (or the hospital clinic´s own nurses).

Why work with Adxto?

Adxto has 10 years of experience with patient support and has successfully completed over 50 different programs.