Work with fibrosis-causing dust

Work with fibrosis-causing dust

This examination is aimed at people exposed to fibrosis-causing dust (asbestos, quartz or synthetic inorganic fibers). According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority, the examination has to take place before employment and thereafter every three years. I connection to the health examination a pneumonography and a spirometry test is taken. The examination lies as base for the work certificate.

    The examination includes:
  • Nurse visit with spirometry test* and health survey.
  • Doctors visit with evaluation of survey answers and spirometry results.
  • If all looks well a certificate for work with fibrosis-causing dust will be issued.

Price: 2 800 kr included pneumonography

Price : 2 250 kr excluded pneumonography

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*=Spirometry is a painless examination testing lung capacity, you blow three times into a nozzle to test lugn functionality