Tamro and Adxto start future-oriented cooperation

Tamro and Adxto are united by their determination and desire to think innovatively. Therefore, the companies have now chosen to initiate a collaboration in the field of service development as a response to current and prospective needs in the market. The companies’ shared ambition is to take a holistic approach that includes services to both pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies, as well as County Councils and patients.

“Tamro is now taking another step towards playing a bigger role in the healthcare market,” says Lars Schenatz, Managing Director of Tamro. “Our partnership with Adxto will open up new opportunities to create even more services that generate added value for our customers. Together we can help customers to improve their offerings on the market while, at the same time, strengthening their position.”

In 2017, Adxto formed a partnership with SoS Adherence, a company specialized in adherence. Through this partnership Adxto now has the possibility to help customers within healthcare, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, to create adherence programs with amazing benefits for both patients and the society, with a clear ROI.

Professor Rob Horne founded Spoonful of Sugar in 2011, to translate the ongoing insights from a 20-year global research programme into designing practical programmes helping patients, healthcare professionals and payers get the best from medicines and other health technologies.
Translating world-class research into practical solutions that improve outcomes.The research of Professor Horne and his colleagues has advanced theory and practice inmedicines behaviour. From this research, SoS has created unique methodologies that we apply inbespoke programmes, tailored to our clients’ needs. Our programmes change behaviour because they are founded on a deep understanding of why engagement with medicines is often suboptimal, and how these behaviours can be changed toimprove outcomes for patients and the healthcare system.