Healthcare Projects

Assignments with a focus on patient benefits

We conduct healthcare projects in cooperation with public healthcare providers, and the pharmaceutical/medtech industry.
    The assignments are carried out with help from specially trained and experiences nurses with the focus being on patient benefits, healthcare development and achieving treatment goals.
Collaboration projects between healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies
  • Patient support; using proprietary software and experienced nurses.
  • Site Nurse Support; nurses that for a defined period of time help a clinic or hospital to improve quality, and solve specific challenges in healthcare.
  • Specialist nurses; specially trained nurses who are available as support for clinics, and contribute to enhanced quality of care through training, support and motivation.
Examples of assignments
    Specialist nurses
  • Parkinson’s Disease, Sweden, Norway
  • Pain/Spasticity, ITB-pumps, Sweden
    Site Nurse Support
  • MS, Lund, KS, Linköping, Eskilstuna
  • Oncology, Sweden
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, KS Huddinge
    Patient support
  • COPD, Sweden
  • Lung fibrosis, Sweden
  • Diabetes, Sweden
  • Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, Sweden, Finland