Patient Care

Treatment without stress

Hötorget Clinic

Adxto Care operate a care reception centrally located near Hötorget in Stockholm. Our nurses welcome the patients in a calm and pleasant environment. Treatment is applied in comfortable armchair in a home environment. Coffee/tea and a sandwich is served, you also have the opportunity to watch TV, read the newspaper and surf the web free via our Wi-Fi.

The infusion clinic is open during both the day and evening many days a week to make the treatment flexible and on the patients terms.

If no one answers the phone, leave a message or send and email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Medical controls & Certificates

The employer is responsible, according to the law, to ensure that the employees take medical controls if working within certain environments or under circumstance of increased risk. The check ups are mandatory for all personell working within the respective areas.

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Fetal screening - safe and precise, Adxto Care carry out blood samples for Dynamic Code Panorama NIPT.

As prospective parent you worry about your unborn child's wellbeing. With Panorama® NIPT you receive secure answers regarding a high or low risk for anomalies, already in the 9th week. Special counseling both before the test and after the results are delivered is offered. Panorama® is a non-invasive prenatal screening test (NIPT, Non-Invasive Prenatal Test), which shows risk for genetic anomalies of the unborn child. With a NIPT-test DNA from the fetus is analysed through a regular blood sample from the mother.

Take part of important information regarding how to proceed at Schedule an appointment for blood sampling in Stockholm. When you have purchased a Panorama NIPT, print it and fill out the patient compliance form and order form, bring this and the order confirmation to your chosen clinic. They will receive your forms, take a blood sample and send to the laboratory. The on duty nurse will not be able to answer questions regarding the Panorama NIPT but you are welcome to contact our support:

013-465 53 23 or

To schedule an appointment, send an email to, where you enter your NIPT + order number which you will be given by us when the NIPT-test is purchased.

About NIPT in the media: Dagens medicin

  • Personal approach. You feel as though you are being taken care of. Pleasant environment.

  • Simple, centrally comfortable and flexible. Friendly staff and nice environment. Often good company with other patients during the infusion treatment.

  • I appreciate that it is not so “hospital-like” but a far nicer environment.

  • Very nice and thoughtful staff. Calm and pleasant environment. You feel spoiled. Great having coffee and a sandwich. The medication is retrieved by proxy and I do not need to worry.

  • The environment, no stress, considerable empathy and listening based on the needs of the individual.

  • The treatment feels undramatic. Even if I am stressed/worried, the staff have more time for me.

Our nurses